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Finishes that treat and protect your stone products.

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Red Leaf strongly recommends the use of sealers for exterior applications. The decision whether or not to seal exterior cast stone is the sole choice and responsibility of the client. Concrete is a naturally absorbent product that has pores and sucks moisture due to capillary forces. Not sealing will cause moisture to be absorbed and give the materials the appearance of being stained or wet. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance is greatly improved by applying a sealer. Depending on the quality of sealer chosen, products vary in life from 5 to 15 years.

Red Leaf feels that the subject of sealing is often neglected due to misinformation or simply because good products are challenging to research. We have performed countless tests of various products with varying degree of results. All sealers perform the basic function of preventing water absorption, however, it’s a question of depth of product penetration and longevity.

Red Leaf distributes Dry-Treat, Miracle, Hanafinn, D2, EacoChem, and Fabrikem ranges of sealing, cleaning and restoration products. View our different product lines for more information.