• Adhered fabric blocks mortar or stucco from filling the drainage channels and acts as a bug screen at terminations
  • Superior appearance on thin veneers vs. furring strips due to less ridging, cracking, and waviness
  • Saves installation time (1/2 time of furring strips and backer board)
  • High impact polystyrene ensures durability, rigidity, and longevity
  • Vertical channels promote rapid drainage. Sure Cavity (and Gravity Cavity) are the only “True” channel drainage plane (drainage mat) products on the market today
  • Perforations allow cross-ventilation for better drying
  • Compartmentalized channels promote pressure equalization
  • Prevents bridging
  • Exceeds ASTM E-2273
  • UV Tested – Over 9 Weeks

This product complies with the Canadian National Building Code as per the Canadian Construction Materials Centre.

MTI Dry RainScreen: SCREEN

Masonry Technology Incorporated