Cast stone is a mixture of ground-up natural stone, coloured cement, sand, and fibre reinforcing. Profiles are produced by casting mixtures into CAD-designed moulds to make a wide range of window dressing and trim, terrace railings, door frames and entrance ways, and exterior wall coverings. Red Leaf Stone supplies an excellent range of quality cast stone building products.

Cast stone offers aesthetic elegance, delivers robustness, and will not degrade. It marries well with stucco, brick cladding, and any natural stone veneers. As an option to a natural stone, cast stone is also available as a veneer.

Red Leaf Cast Stone can be used for all architectural trim elements, moulding, columns, balustrades, quoins, veneer, corbels, etc. for your project.

  • Excellent Selection: A wide range of standard profiles available.
  • Stone Colour: Colours range from standard grey to earthy browns / reds, whites and warmer beiges. Full colour palettes are available to choose from. (23 colours) Custom colours available.
  • Product Characteristics: Freeze/thaw resistant, strengths over 4800 psi, and coloured to the customer’s requirements.
  • Custom Orders: Customized cast stone profiles regularly prepared.
  • Stone Texture: We offer three different finishes to match natural stone: Honed finish (Smooth), Sand-blasted finish (Acid Etched) and Travertine finish.
  • Installation Savings: Our Cast Lite® elements, backed with foam, provide significant installation savings in time and labour costs, and do not require mechanical anchoring systems.

Cast Stone Info Sheet:

Cast Stone Product Selection Guide:

Product Lines

Cast Lite ™

Our most popular product due to savings in labour and mechanical fixings. Cast Lite™ is significantly lighter because of it’s cast stone front and a styrofoam backing contributing to savings in installation labour.

Solid Cast

Pre-cast concrete was traditionally performed as solid cast. The advantage to solid cast is its resistance to impact in high traffic areas. It can also be fabricated to withstand structural loads.


Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete – These products are hollow, and get their strength from the fibreglass embedded in the material. Used to surround or cover any sub-structures.