Our focus is dimensional natural stone.

Red Leaf Architectural Products Inc. (RLAP) originated as an importer and distributor of natural stone, later adding steel masonry connectors, specialized stone anchors and other related products. The two companies amalgamated to combine their individual strengths. Craftsmanship and art, were joined with engineering, technology and business processes to create an organization to serve high end residential and commercial projects throughout North America.

The capacity to hand carve intricate stone pieces alongside high powered diamond cutting equipment, augmented with multi-axis CNC cutting and milling is one of the key ways Red Leaf differentiates itself in the natural stone industry. Coupled with it’s Red Leaf Stone Anchors Division, and Installations services, the Red Leaf Group offers a complete end to end package for stone fabrication, engineering and installation.

The Red Leaf Group… a comprehensive approach to building stone.

  • Red Leaf Stone Products – Knowledge, Pre-cut Stone Supply, Accessories and Services
  • Architectural Stonemasonry – Restoration, Fabrication and Installation
  • Red Leaf Stone Anchors – Drafting, Engineering and Manufacturing
Red Leaf Group of companies is a custom stone fabricator, a distributor of stone / masonry related products, a manufacturer of stone anchors and a distributor of high quality exterior architectural components. Our diverse experience lends itself to not only precision with stone, but also how these are adhered and combined with other building systems.
Unparalleled customer service while supplying the highest quality products accurately and within a defined schedule.
We start every day striving for excellence. Excellence does not mean perfection, it means harnessing the skills we have to meet the challenges and tasks of the day. If something is beyond our skill set, we either expand and learn new skills or enroll someone else on the team to take it over. Above all, we give it our best effort founded on solid experience and knowledge.

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